Netflix Streaming Video Shows Blank Screen


The media library at Netflix has grown to include instantly viewable titles, but the choice to require internet explorer has brought a few issues. Occasionally after it is configured, the movie begins to play but the screen is dark. Initially setting up the process might require a few steps.

One of the main causes of netflix being unable to play is the browser version and plugins. In addition to security holes, microsoft internet explorer takes several times as long to download and install as other browsers, and it requires a system restart. A free updated copy is available on their website. Flash player is the other requirement, the newest version can be downloaded from Adobe.

Windows Dual Screen Mode No Video

Some times when using a big screen tv and your windows computer as the video player, the screen will be blank. This can occur with any program such as vlc, wmp, streaming web content etc. It is random and seemingly inexplicable, happening sometimes and not others.

The workaround is to click and drag the window of the player, and move it between one screen and the other a few times. It seems odd, but does the trick restoring the video to whatever player you were using.

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